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WordPress needs no introduction. It powerful, highly popular and have a huge community providing loads of free and premium themes and plugins. Still you may fell like creating your own themes or plugins could be fun or a way to get the functionality and look and fell you need. It is not that hard to customize a theme but starting from scratch requires some experience or assistance. I have previously provided an article that could get you started by itself, 40+ Awesome Tutorials and Techniques For WordPress Theme Developers. Still having access to a good set of cheat sheets will for sure help you speed up development even more. This article provides a cpmprehensive list of all the WordPress Related Cheat Sheets I have been able to find and some are really useful. Let me know in a comment if I missed anything!

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16 Cheat Sheets on 16 Essential Topics for Web Designers

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Cheat sheets has several benefits from saving you a lot of time  to also helping youimprove your skills and productivity in that cetrain task.

They provide a great and quick reference and also helps your learn faster by showing all the necessary information needed. There are documentations, but they can sometimes be a hassle.

It is pretty hard to remember everything and thankfully, there are cheat sheets. So, here are the list of some of the most essential cheat sheets every web developer and designer should have.

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Collection of Free PHP Cheat Sheets

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The following article is a list of PHP Cheat Sheets & Quick Reference Guides for PHP Web Designers, Web Programmers, Coders & for Web developers for Quick coding with PHP. These are very helpful for those of us who haven’t memorized all of the PHP functions, classes, properties, etc. This compilation of PHP cheat sheets should help speed up your web development.

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