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40 Seriously Awesome MooTools Tutorials and Plugins

02.11.2011, Kategória: Napísali v zahraničí, Autor , Tagy: , Komentáre sú deaktivované

MooTools is a lightweight, object-oriented and very popular framework for JavaScript, written in JavaScript which can spice up the interactivity and beauty of your site. User interface plays an important role in the success of any website; JavaScript, CSS and AJAX are commonly used to provide users the leisure of rich user interface over past few years. But using one of the most popular JavaScript libraries, MooTools you can add extra smoothness and interactivity in your website. In this post we have covered some MooTools tutorials and plugins which can be very handy if you are just entering in the world of MooTools.

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This tutorial will teach you how to check username availability with Mootools’ Request.JSON and PHP/MySQL. In this tutorial you will learn how to use Mootools’ Request.JSON function to check a username against an array or database. In this example we will be using a simple MySQL database. I will try to do as much hand holding as I can, but having a little experience with PHP and MySQL will be a plus.

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Pretty Word Wrapper with MooTools or PHP

28.10.2010, Kategória: Napísali v zahraničí, Autor , Tagy: , , Komentáre sú deaktivované

Details, details, details. Details are what take a good site to the next level. Small details like link nudging (jQueryMooTools), simple but stylish CSS enhancements, and opacity effects are the cheeky effects that give your website the edge over similar websites. The detail we’ll be addressing today is “widowed” text. A “widow” occurs when only one word of a long string wraps to the next line.

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Create a Download Package Using MooTools Moousture

19.07.2010, Kategória: Napísali v zahraničí, Autor , Tagy: , , , Komentáre sú deaktivované

Zohaib Sibt-e-Hassan recently released a great mouse gestures library for MooTools called Moousture. Moousture allows you to trigger functionality by moving your mouse in specified custom patterns. Too illustrate Moousture’s value, I’ve created an image download builder using Mooustures and PHP.

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One of the great parts of most every JavaScript and PHP framework these days is the ability to chain class methods. I’ve gotten quite a few question about how this is possible so I want to cover the basics of allowing chaining in your own custom classes.

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